Tips and Ways to Improve Drawing Skills for Beginners

Drawing skills are things that can be trained continuously. If you intend to improve this expertise, then the thing that must be done is focus. The art of drawing faces with pencils is so popular among artists. So how do you draw a face using a pencil for those of you who are still beginners? Here are some tips and ways :

1. Use Enough Light

Lights that are too dim will make you miss the details of the pencil.

2. Cover hands with paper or tissue

Given that paper tends to get dirty and wet easily. So you have to be careful so that the drawing paper is not dirty with sweat.

3. Use a good pencil

Make sure if you use a good pencil so that every stroke will produce a good picture too.

4. Understand the character of the character drawn

After preparing everything, the steps you need to do of course are drawing. To be able to draw naturally with a pencil, you must understand the character of the character’s face to be made.

5. Sketch with just any thin lines

By sketching this experimental line, you can find the desired line of face shape.

6. Use facial anatomy literature

Look for literature about human anatomy or face that will be the subject of drawing. That way, the results of your image will look exactly like the subject being drawn.

7. Analyze the basic part of the image

How to Draw a Face Using the Last Pencil, you analyze the basic part of the image to reduce the parts that are considered unnecessary or add lines that are seen as important. If you can apply these methods, your drawing skills will increase.

These are tips and ways to improve drawing skills that you can practice.

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