Illustrated Image

Illustrations are images that clarify ideas from stories or narratives. The purpose of this illustration is to strengthen, clarify, beautify, reinforce and enrich the story and narration.

The function of this illustration image can be used to liven up the story. A good illustration is an illustration that can stimulate and help the reader to imagine about ceirta, illustrations really help to develop imagination in understanding the narrative.

Types of Illustration Images

1. Cartoon

Cartoon forms can be in the form of human or animal figures that contain humorous stories that are entertaining. Indonesia has several cartoon characters such as Petruk and Gareng by Tatang S. and so on.

Appearance of cartoon images can be seen in the form of black and white or colored.

2. Caricature

Caricature images show a variety of exaggerated characters, unique funny, and sometimes contain criticism and satire. Objects from caricature images can be taken from human or animal figures.

3. Comic

The illustration image in the form of a comic consists of a series of images that complement each other and have a storyline. The form of comics can be in the form of books or comic strips.

4. Illustration of Literary Works

Literary works in the form of short stories, poems, poems and will look more attractive asking people to read when accompanied by illustrated images. The function of the illustration image here has the purpose to reinforce and reinforce the content or narration in the material.

5. Vignette

As a filler of a story or narration, it can be inserted with an illustration image in the form of vignette. Vignette is a decorative illustration that functions as an empty filler in narrative paper.

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