mural according to language, the mural comes from the Latin language, namely from the word “Murus” which means wall. Broadly speaking, the definition of mural is drawing or painting on wall, wall or other broad media that is permanent.

Well, from the meaning of murals or the meaning of the mural above, is it enough to enlighten what the real mural is? So, any painting or picture made on permanent media such as floors, tables, ceilings is also included in the mural.


Murals actually existed since ancient times. Even if viewed from the history of murals, murals have been around since 31,500 years ago, precisely in prehistoric times.

At that time there was a painting depicting a cave in Lascaux, namely the South of France. Murals made in prehistoric times use fruit juice as watercolor (because there was no paint in prehistory).

In prehistoric times, the country that had the most wall paintings or murals was none other than France. One of the most famous murals or frescoes at that time was the mural by Pablo Picasso.

Pablo Picasso made a mural called Guernica or Guernica y Luno. This mural was made at the time of the occurrence of the civil war in Spain in 1937.

The purpose of this mural was to commemorate the bombing by the German army in a small village where most of them were Spanish people.

Development OF Mural ART

If in the past the mural was only a form of expression, criticizing social problems through pictures and writings on street walls, sidewalks, murals are now a “sweet business of painting“.

You can see now, mural is one of the choices to beautify the interior. Even the mural is also the main attraction as an interesting photo spot.

Not surprisingly, there are now so many cafes, restaurants, hotels, apartments and houses that use wall paintings or murals as Point of View from a room.

Mural becomes an attraction for visitors to come to the cafe or restaurant. Murals are made to suit your tastes, the cafe / restaurant concept itself to become an indirect branding medium.

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