Graffiti (also spelled graffity or graffiti) is graffiti on the wall that uses the composition of colors, lines, shapes, and volumes to write certain words, symbols, or sentences. Today’s tools are usually can spray paint. Before spray paint is available, graffiti is generally made with brush strokes using a brush or chalk. Remember, the writing uses the letter F, not P, it will become grappiti.


The habits of painting on walls starts from primitive humans as a way of communicating hunting. At this time, graffiti was used as a means of mysticism and spirituality to arouse the spirit of hunting.

The existence of social classes that are too far apart creates difficulties for certain groups of people to express their artistic activities. As a result, some individuals use facilities that are almost available in all cities, namely walls.

cool graffiti, graffiti photos, graffiti Graffiti as a means of showing dissatisfaction only began in Roman times with evidence of insinuations of painting on the walls of the building. This painting was found in the ruins of the city of Pompeii. While in Rome itself was used as a propaganda tool to discredit Christians who at that time were forbidden by the emperor. In ancient Egypt, it also showed the activity of painting on the walls of the pyramid. This painting communicates another realm that a pharaoh (Pharaoh) encounters after mummification.

Development OF GRAVITY

graffiti around the 70s in America and Europe finally penetrated into urban areas as a group identity that mushroomed in urban areas. Because of its poor image, graffiti has become a scourge for city security. The reason is because it is considered to provoke war between groups or gangs. Besides being done on empty walls, graffiti is often made on the walls of subways.

Graffiti is divided into 2, namely Gang Graffiti and Graffiti Tagging. The Graffiti Alley serves as an identification of the territory through writing alley names, joint aisles, gang members, or writing about what happened inside the alley. While Graffiti Tagging is a type of graffiti that is often used for the fame of a person or group. The more this type of graffiti is scattered, the more famous the name of the maker.

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