7 World Famous Graffiti Artists with Phenomenal Works

Graffiti artists can be regarded as street artists who make graffiti on walls that use the composition of colors, lines, shapes, and volumes to write certain words, symbols, or sentences.

Graffiti itself is often encountered on the walls of buildings, train cars, tunnels and other corners of the city. Usually graffiti artists use can spray paint in making their work. Starting from simple graffiti to big and complicated.

Well, do you know who are the world-famous graffiti artists with their legendary graffiti images? Here’s the review.

1. Boris

This man from Bulgaria is always having fun by making cool graffiti writing. He wants people to be able to see the results of their graffiti work and feel their joy.

With his ability in the field of social media marketing, product development and how to maintain privacy, success made Boris become famous. Many even dubbed Boris the king of the internet.

The works of Boris are generally in the form of colorful writing that can be found on the walls of the building, the train body and also the shop’s metal door.

2. Utah & Ether

This couple or duo of graffiti artists poured their works on train cars since the early 2000s. They started from cities in the United States and then ventured into other cities.

The reason was not explained, but both were arrested when they returned home from a trip to Europe in 2009. The story of Utah and Ether attracted the attention of social media who later referred to them as “The Bonnie & Clyde of Graffiti”.

3. Egs

With a career as a graffiti artist for 30 years known on several continents, Egs had a great influence on graffiti styles in Europe. His expertise in this field has inspired many young artists.

Hailing from Helsinki, Egs was one of the early members of the InterRail movement where artists traveled across the city. They aim to explore new cities and find other friends together to paint on trains and walls.

4. Moses & Taps

This graffiti duo is quite famous in Europe because of their distinctive concept. both of them are increasingly popular with the release of a book called International Top Sprayer which tells about their mission to paint 1,000 sets of train cars in 1,000 days.

Taps and Moses managed to reach the mission which is considered a rare achievement by the current standard. You could say it was their best graffiti art.

 5. Horfe

His unique style of reminding others of the beginnings of cartoon art and his dedication to street painting in Paris, Horfe successfully gained recognition from other artists. In recent years he has traveled to various other painting media including tattoos, acrylics and animation.

6. Saber

Saber has opened exhibitions and collaborated with many different artists including the MSK and the Seventh Letter collective arts. Saber’s solo performance at the Opera in New York was visited by many people and was a huge success with the end of tickets sold.

7. Os Gemeos

This twin brother from Sao Paolo started painting since the late 1980s when hip-hop culture was exploding in South American cities. They are famous for their yellow character portraying Brazilians and their culture.

They have also been asked to paint several large-scale murals in their hometown and in other countries.

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