Over the past few decades there has been a dramatic increase in the number of talented artists making a good impression on society, namely street art.

It’s not an easy thing to create a scene and something that stands out in a street art or a picture on the street in a short time.

However, these 7 artists have succeeded in doing this right. The following are some of the big names on the street art scene now.

1. Roa : Ghent Belgium

This Belgian street artist specializes in making pictures with portraits of local animals in unique and different ways. He uses a limited color palette and generally with large format. The picture above is one of his works created in collaboration with street artists from Argentina.

2. Natalia Rak: Polandia

Natalia is a Polish artist, she graduated with the degree of Fine Art from Lodz, and has made quite a lot of impressions in the world of street art over the past few years. Some of his murals explore female figures in a colorful dream environment.

3. INTI: Valparaíso, Chili

One of the big names in the Latin American street art scene, CORE comes from Chile and the mural is now world-famous. He integrates local elements into real characters that are so smooth by creating a very personal style. Some people claim that INTI is a modern artist, no longer at the level of street artists because it is seen from some of his extraordinary works.

4. NEVERCREW: Lugano, Swiss

Christian REBECCHI and Pablo Togni formed the Swiss street art duo. Some of his works are like whales with bright colors and further highlight the dream world.

5. Mentalgassi: Berlin, Jerman

This artist is from Berlin, where he specializes in large-scale human photography. You might think there is nothing new with this kind of work, but the Mentalgassi has succeeded in putting originality in public places.

6. Eduardo Kobra: Sao Paulo, Brazil

This Brazilian artist has a unique characteristic in his works. Like photo-realistic murals, with geometric patterns and the use of colors that are many common elements of the mural. Cobra intended his work to be a window into the past, so he usually did a good amount of research before starting the mural.

7. Hopare: Paris, Prancis

Giant portraits combined with abstract elements with the use of colors that are so alive. The French artist is a nickname or designation of the people there to him.

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